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Heavy Duty Radiator for all VW engines in Samurai
Tach Converter for all diesels
Interior Sets for Suzuki Samurai
"Basic" front bumper for the Suzuki Samurai
Replacement screw kits
Bikini Bottoms
Door Straps
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Heavy Duty Radiator for all VW engines in Samurai:

If your VW engine is creating too much heat in a Samurai, you might try this new heavy duty radiator. It is has 3 cooling core rows and over 30% increase in front area. It comes with adapters to mount it to the stock Samurai radiator brackets. Other mounting adapters may be required if you have power steering or other modifications. The inlet and outlet are both on the driver side for easy installation using a VW enigne.
Picture - This shows the stock radiator and the KELTEC Heavy Duty radiator.

Price: $165

Tach Converter for all diesels:

This advanced electronic device allows a diesel engine to run a standard "gasoline engine" type tach. Diesel engines have no ignition system, so they require a special tach - Until Now!
If you have a diesel powered vehicle and wanted a tach, you were usually required to buy an expensive diesel type tach, and quite possibly some additional equipment to make it worthies is a complicated and expensive option. Now you can use the standard factory tachometer from a gasoline powered vehicle and the Tach Converter from KELTEC Systems, Inc. and have a professional looking installation that WORKS!

Typical installations of the Converter are:

The Tach Converter is housed in a rugged plastic enclosure and has complete installation instructions. It is easy to install. Detailed instructions include these steps:

  1. Wire the alternator with a "center tap"
  2. Mount the plastic enclosure
  3. Provide 4 wires - 12v power, signal from alternator to the Tach Converter, a wire from the Tach converter to the tach instrument and a ground.
  4. Select the pulse rate for your engine.

The Tach Converter is fully programmable from .01 pulses per engine rev to 99.99 pulses per engine rev. This provides a smooth signal for almost any installation.

Price: only $79.95! Comes with full one year warranty.

Interior Sets For Suzuki Samurai

Tough, solid ABS plastic interior panels will make your Samurai look great and make it easy to care for. These waterproof panels are tough so they will not easily scratch, tear or show wear. Clean up is a snap - just hose it off! Quick and easy to install, all sets include complete instructions and fasteners.

Door Panel Set- $70
Layout Picture, Photo

Full Set - $130

  • Soft Top: Includes door panel set plus rear components. Layout Picture
  • Hard Top: Includes door panel set plus rear components. Layout Picture

    Available to dealers in 10 packs. Dealer prospect, please inquire. Send email to us at KELTEC Systems, Inc.

    Basic front bumper for the Suzuki Samurai

    Picture - This basic front bumper is constructed of a moderate gauge steel tubing and sturdy steel plate. The dual tube design provides rugged good looks as well as strength and basic protection. It comes painted flat black and is ready to install with your stock Samurai front turn signals.

    Price: $69.95

    Replacement Bolt Kits:

    There are several areas where you will want to replace screws or bolts. Finding the right fasteners is a pain. Order these Bolt Kits that include enough bolts to do the job. In most cases, they are better bolts than Suzuki used.

    Drive Shaft Bolts - $6.50
    Are yours worn or missing? Don't use a weaker bolt! You'll be sorry:

    Grade 10.9 bolts with washers and flange lock nuts. Zinc plated. Set of 8 bolts

    Door Hinge Bolts - $12.00
    After you chisel out the old phillips head screws, replace them with these. They look good work well and won't rust!:

    Stainless hex head bolts. Set of 24 - enough to do both doors and tail gate / rear door.

    Front Body Bolts - $5.00
    After removal of the front facia body panel (the piece that holds the grille) replace the ugly, hard to use screws with these bolts:

    Stainless hex head bolts. Set of 14 - enough to do the full facia plate. Buy two packs and use them on fenders and other places.

    Soft Top Snap screws - $5.00
    If you don't use your soft top, you are still left with lots of snaps that get in the way when washing your Samurai. (Yeah, like mine ever gets washed!) Remove those ugly snaps but don't leave empty holes where rain can enter and rust the body. Dress up your rig with these:

    Stainless pan head screws that replace the side and tail gate snaps - set of 16

    Bikini Bottoms (TM):

    Picture - Does your seat get wet when you go topless? Is it getting too much sun? Bikini Bottoms are the answer! Sorry guys, no racey pictures of sexy young ladies - but these new seat covers are pretty neat!
    KELTEC's Bikini Bottoms seat covers are designed to work in conjunction with a bikini top (hence the name). They are not slip fit seat covers that you sit on, they are "tents" that you slip over your seats to protect them from rain, sun, dust or other undesirable elements.

    These are made from a special, heavy duty vinyl that is designed for marine use (lots of sun, rain, and other abuse) for 10 years! Tough stuff, yet soft and supple enough to look and feel attractive.

    Bikini Bottoms come in a variety of colors - a gray main section in the middle, and colored sides. Standard side colors are excellent matches to stock Samurai colors, including dark blue, teal, black and red. Inquire about custom colors.

    SRP is $129.95 for the front seat set, $159.95 for the full set (2 fronts and 1 rear seat). Specify JX or JA and color desired.
    OK, that ain't cheap, but consider this: they are tough, and will last a LONG time. The are much cheaper than re-upholstery or other - supposedly "weatherproof" slip on seat covers.

    Besides, most Samurai's look much more sporty when topless. Now you can drive a sportier looking vehicle and not worry about your seats rotting out!

    Bikini Bottoms come in a tote bag for easy carrying and storage. These covers don't come with instructions. If you can't figure out how to put them on, you shouldn't be driving!

    Door Hinge Straps:

    Picture - When you make the doors on your Samurai removable, you have to take off the restraint strap that keeps the door from swinging open too far. Here is a strap with a buckle in it that allow quick, easy removal of your doors.

    Made of tough,weather resistant plastic these door straps will never rust and are simple and easy to install. Installation instructions included.

    SRP is $24.95 per set of 2 - enough for both doors.

    These come in a wide variety of colors - but only if you are Henry Ford. You can have any color you want, as long as it is black. (if you don't understand this, go ask your Grandpa).

    KELTEC is signing up new dealers in several areas. Please inquire. Send email to us at KELTEC Systems, Inc.

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