Axis Power - Engine Sources

The main thing you will need is an engine. But, you need other parts too, so sometimes your best bet is to buy a complete vehicle. If you can get one at the right price, you can sometimes part it out (disassemble it) and sell the parts you don't use. Looking for one that has been wrecked in the back end is a good starting place. Check local news papers, especially those that specialize in cars and car parts.

Your search for an engine (and other parts) should start in your own "back yard". Check local sites:

If you are in a small town, sometimes it is worthwhile to go to the nearest large town and look there.

If you exhaust your local sources, here are some other general sources you might try. Please note that we have not done business with all of these firms, but they have expressed interest in being listed as a source of VW engines and parts. They are not listed in any particular priority order.

Another source you might try is Ebay at They are an on line auction service. There are frequently some VW engines, parts, etc listed.

If you find other good sources, please let us know.

Remember, when you are looking for a used engine, you are getting an "unknown". You may decide to rebuild it yourself, you may try to run it as is, or you may want to have it professionally rebuilt. You cannot always assume a "good running engine" is a good running engine. Get some type of written assurance of what you are buying.

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