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CropMaster-1 for the "Grass Farmer" (A Story)

Growing Tired of Maintaining Farming Record?

Every professional farmer keeps records of farming activities: How much fertilizer? Which pesticide? What type of seed? When did I turn on those darn sprinklers? What was the harvest yield of this field last year?

Everybody keeps records. Some keep them in their heads, some use a little pocket notepad, some use organized forms. But if you want a more accurate, professional approach, which can provide powerful management information at your fingertips, use CropMaster-1 from KELTEC, Inc.

CropMaster-1 was developed with the same design philosophy as our popular products. It is easy to use. It was designed for use by farmers like you. Even someone who has never used a computer before can use KELTEC products.

Most important, our programs are logical. Information about your Agri-Business is exactly where you would expect to find it. The commands are simple and consistent. It is also highly versatile. You can tailor it to meet YOUR needs, to fit YOUR ranch.

Uses of the CropMaster program

CropMaster-1 is a flexible program in use in many areas of agribusiness, as well as some unexpected ways.

Maintain complete Crop Management records:

Land Identification for each field, paddock or unit Land work history - what was done, and when? Seed Identification for tracking seed variety. Seed application records - "planting" records. Irrigation records including precipitation history. Fertilizers, pesticides, and any other chemicals. Harvest yields - How much did this crop produce? Harvest sales records - unlimited number of sales records per crop. Can be used as a sales receipt. Labor or work hours for each task. Detailed history - sort by Land ID, Crop ID, or Season.

Powerful Features:

Detailed production oriented data. Generates "EPA" type reports on chemical usage accepted by many states. Built-in Bulletin Board for scheduling key events. Automated Interface to Quicken or other DOS level program. Inventory section for Equipment and supplies! Calculates depreciation / has multiple inventory locations. Easy to learn and use. Complete with Tutorial and User guide.

Good Value:

You have a lot of money invested in your farm. You want to maximize the return on that investment. Don't risk the loss of production or added expenses caused by using other computer programs. Use the one the pros use.

Whether you grow a little hay or a lot of grain and seed, CropMaster-1 will assist you in managing your crop production. Production, and Chemicals record keeping is a smart management tool!

If you get the FACTS on production software programs, you'll choose KELTEC every time

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