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What is HerdMaster?

HerdMaster is KELTEC Systems Inc.'s animal management software for use in a "Herd" environment. If you keep records of total numbers of animals, but not by individual animal, HerdMaster is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to manage your herd.

Why use the HerdMaster system?

At a herd level there is a need to keep records, but the records are in a different style than those used for "Individual" animals. Herd records help with understanding of such things as how many animals did I start with, how many did I sell, how many are left. The HerdMaster program works in a similar fashion to a checkbook. It uses simple checkbook rules such as:

The categories and transaction types are all fully user definable so it can be tailored to YOUR operation.

HerdMaster requires MS Windows-95 or newer operating system to run.

Good Value:

Whether you are managing your herd for meat production - aka "stocker cattle", or for wildlife management, HerdMaster is the product for you.

You'll find HerdMaster easy to use. It was designed to meet your needs. Join the other Professionals in the industry and use HerdMaster from KELTEC.

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