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Volkswagen Engine Adapter Kit for Suzuki Samurai

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Looking for a VW engine?


We started with a diesel.

We like diesels - read on and you will see why. We decided during our design phase, tho, to provide kits for all water cooled VW 4 cylinder engines all the way from the gutless 1.5L Rabbit diesel to the steroid stoked Supercharged Corrado. Buyer beware, not all engines are suitable for (practical) use in a Samurai.

The VW 1.6 TD seemed like a good power range for what we were looking for. The prototypes for the Axis Power kits were done on the 1.6 TD Jetta engine. Since then, we and our customers have installed other VW engines. Some require more work on your part, others are very straight forward. Here is our reasoning for the prototype:

Why a diesel for a Samurai?

Overall, the venerable Suzuki Samurai is a well designed, well built, "serious" 4x4. The engine has several drawbacks, though. The mighty diesel engine has long been a workhorse in the power industry used when the heavy work is done. You'll find it in everything including agricultural tractors and "semi" tractors. A conversion to a diesel engine will provide:

Why a VW diesel?

The VW diesel has several advantages over other diesels.

Other modifications

What is Involved in the Conversion?

Donor Parts Required


VW water cooled engines came in either a "North-South" installation (crankshaft in line with length of the vehicle, as in the Quantum or Audi Fox) or an "East-West" installation (typically called "transverse" mounted where the crankshaft is perpendicular to the length of the vehicle, as in the Jetta and Rabbit). Some donor parts MUST be from a "North-South" installation, others MUST be from an "East-West", but for many parts it doesn't matter.

Specific Donor parts:

Diesel Engine. Click here for a detailed list and associated risks of installing a variety of VW engines.

Flywheel flywheel is a special part in this conversion. The flywheel must be from a "North-South" installation donor. The VW flywheel must be modified. You can send it, along with your Suzuki ring gear, to KELTEC Systems for modification. We modify the VW flywheel and install your Suzuki ring gear on it, so it will fit into the transmission (bell housing). It must then be dynamically balanced. We can also provide the drawings to you if you prefer to do this modification yourself. Check our price list for this service. Unless you have your own machine shop and have extensive shipping (and / or duties), our price will be very competitive. The price of flywheel modification is not included in the kit.

You do NOT need:The donor engine does not need to have the Alternator, the A/C pump, any other belt driven accouterments, or a Starter motor. The kit allows you to use your Suzuki Alternator and A/C Pump.

KELTEC can supply SOME of the donor parts as well as extra parts required in your conversion. Check out the price list for some estimated costs on extra parts.

Click here for a detailed list of all parts including VW part numbers.

The Kit includes:

All kits include:

The Turbo Diesel kits (AP01-01) includes:

The Normally Aspirated Diesel kits (AP02-01) includes:

The Gas kits (AP03-01) includes:

Note on Motor Mounts:
We currently offer only "low" engine mounts. These allow the VW engine to ride low in the vehicle so that no hood modifications are required, but a lift kit (2" minimum) is required. We were considering producing high motor mounts that allow the engine to sit higher in the vehicle, so no lift kit is required, but a hood modification will be required. An add on hood scoop is expected to suffice. We have not found enough interest in the high mounts at this time. Please contact us if you are interested in the high mounts.


Diesel conversions may need a Tach Converter to allow the alternator to feed your Suzuki Tach. As you already know a diesel has no sparkplugs, thus no feed to the tach. Many diesel rigs use a "center tap" on the alternator that creates a pulse. These pulses are then processed into usable tach signals. You can buy an after market tach or you can buy a Diesel Tach Converter from KELTEC. The Tach Converter is listed in our "Other Automotive Components" page.

Kit Alternatives:

We offer several kits, based on which engine you select. Also, for each kit, there are alternative parts, depending on the accessories your vehicle has. When you get ready to order, contact us for a detailed configuration of your kit. See the Price List for details. We still offer all parts on an A-la-carte basis for spares and for custom installations.

Pricing, Dealers and Support

Pricing Philosophy:

The Good News:
We aren't out to get rich on this kit. We run KELTEC as a small but serious business. We have no aspirations of becoming General Motors. We are more interested in providing a quality product and the best support in the industry. All kits and parts will be priced based on our cost with lower than average markup for inventory management and other aspects of this type of business.

The Bad News:
There are a limited number of Suzuki Samurais in the world. There are even fewer of their owners who will have an interest in (and be skilled enough to install) our kit. Low volume equates to higher prices than would be available if we had lots of volume.

So, buy lots of the kits and they will be less expensive!

We have deleted all pricing information. Too old, not relevent.

The Axis Power kit is sold exclusively through
Authorized Dealers in the USA. We are currently seeking dealers for Europe, Australia and Africa. If you know of a company that would be a good dealer in those areas, please have them contact us.

Technical Support:
KELTEC Systems, Inc. will directly support the Axis Power kit. If you have any questions during or after installation, please contact us. Technical support is offered, free of charge - unless you are being rude or stupid. In that case we will either not give you support or charge you.

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